Monday, March 14, 2011

Book Porn: Bibliophilic Eye Candy

Book porn: (n) Photographs and descriptions that exploit the nerd's natural lust for the physical beauty of reading material. Such material is deemed highly dangerous to one's sanity . People under the influence have been known to max out their library cards, spend their food money on paperbacks and exhaust their friends and loved ones with "wish lists"
If someone you love suffers from book porn addiction, understand that there is no cure.
Just give them what they want.

If there is just one trait that we can point to as the cause of bibliophilia, one characteristic that turns an ordinary mortal into a Reader (or even an Avid Reader) it is curiosity.

I just want to know things. I want to know why birds eat worms, how cars run, where playing cards come from, who invented chess, how grass grows, who the Bushmen are, how to speak Arabic and even the old cliche: why the sky is blue.Curiosity drives me to both fiction and nonfiction. Nonfiction satisfies your curiosity about the real world. Whenever I come across a subject that fascinates me that I know little about, I get excited. The nerd in me is satisfied that here is something new to be obsessive about--to read about, to search the Internet for, to watch on tv, to talk about. It makes life seem so big and full. There is so much to know.

So these books by Sterling Publishing, which you can find at Barnes and Noble, stood out on the bargain bin shelf.Each one is relatively short and easy to understand. Each is a brief introduction to a topic. The ones in the above picture are mine and include Plato, Marx, Economics, Paul, Galileo, International Relations, Existentialism, Postemodernism, Mathematics, the Crusades... with new titles having been published in the beginning of this year.
Their regular price is $14.95, but I got them at Barnes and Noble for $6.98 each, except the ones that I bought online, after discovering the ones on the Internet are only $4.99. If you're a Barnes and Noble member of course, shipping is free.